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X2Go-Client (as in the terminal rooms)

The X2Go client for graphical connection to the SCI's Tux servers can be downloaded from the official X2Go website:

download and use is free of charge. This client is available for Linux, MacOS X and Windows.
  1. To install the X2Go client, follow the instructions for your target platform.
  2. After successful installation, start the client on your computer and proceed as follows to establish the graphical connection to our login servers.

    Fill in the login mask for the session settings as listed below. Enter the Tux server of your choice (e.g. as host. Login is your SCI user name. Make sure to select XFCE under Session Type as shown in the following screenshot. Completed registration form

    After clicking OK you should see the following view. Click on your created session to log in.

    Session started

    You will be asked for the password of your SCI user account:

    password for your SCI-useraccount

    If everything went well and your entries were correct, you should now be logged in and have the following view:

    successfully logged in

    If you have problems logging in, try one of the other Linux login servers, if this does not solve the problem, write us.

    You can now work as you are used to from the thin clients in the terminal rooms. If you don't need a graphical user interface you can also connect to the Tux servers via SSH from the console.

  3. To log out again, proceed as shown in the following two screenshots:
    Click on your login name in the top right corner and in the menu that opens click on Logout.

    Choose Log Out

    Then click on the Logout button in the window that opens.

    Log Out

    You have now successfully terminated the session.

Note: This guide was created under Ubuntu, the application may look slightly different under MacOS X and Windows.

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