Service-Center Informatik

SCI (Service Center Informatik)

The Service Center Informatik (SCI) is a central IT facility of the Department of Computer Science. Our primary goal is - the students, the dean's office and the working groups to provide the best possible technical infrastructure in order to ensure efficient and to ensure smooth teaching and research operations.

News, Teaching

Current: Request accounts

Please use our account management platform to apply for new accounts or change passwords of existing accounts.

News: Overview e-learning tools

Here you will find an overview and tips on the tools and platforms for e-learing currently offered by SCI, RHRK and VCRP.

New at SCI:

  • Jitsi (video conferencing platform),
  • ShareLaTeX (collaborative LaTeX environment),
  • Etherpad (collaborative word processing),

News: Restriction due to corona measures

Due to further limited presence on campus only the terminal room 48-211 is opened under conditions and the service point is only open irregularly.

However, you can access the systems and servers via remote connection without restrictions and reach us via email (, for example.

For face-to-face events, please use the webapp intake provided by RHRK for contact tracking.

News: Opening of Terminal Room 48-211

Due to continued limited presence operations on campus, SCI's Terminal Room 48-211 will be open on a limited basis.

Where?Building 48 Terminal Room 211
When?open Mon - Thu between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Fri between 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Who?students with an SCI-Login-Account
How?Contact registration with INTAKE
Rules?3G, AHA and the rules of Uni-Kaiserslautern.
"Web 2.0 technologies 1 (basics and techniques)"
Lectures and exercises will take place as online courses this semester.

SCI Services

Terminals and terminal rooms

Via one of the over 80 Terminals, which are exclusively available to computer science students, you can log on to our server clusters at any time.

Due to the corona effect, the terminal rooms are limited operation of the TUK still closed. Use the remote connection.

Remote connection: "anytime from everywhere"

With a remote connection you can access most of our systems and services anytime from anywhere via the Internet.
Our terminal rooms are currently not accessible due to corona containment measures. Please use our possibilities to access our systems from home.
There are numerous access combinations available to you.


As an SCI user*in you have access to our high-performance Server-Cluster via our terminals and via remote access from your own computers.

In total, up to one terabyte of RAM and hundreds of processors are at your disposal, with whose support you can solve even the most complex and computationally intensive tasks. By using the latest virtualization technologies, we are able to allocate resources efficiently.

E-Mail and storage space

Every computer science student receives an unlimited valid email adress and several gigabytes storage space, to manage and store all study-relevant data.

Print service

As a computer science student you have a free monthly printing quota. You can send your documents directly to a terminal room printer or to our printer pool. For the management and administration of our print service we use the Linux version of Papercut. Whether directly from an application or via a web frontend, you can print your documents from anywhere at any time.

Software on the server systems

On our server systems we offer various Linux-versions from which you can choose.

Depending on the wishes of the teachers of the department, the systems are also configured in such a way that they can be perfectly adapted are cut. A time consuming configuration of your private system is not necessary, so that you can start directly with the solution of your actual task. If a program should be missing, simply contact us or write a email. In most cases the program will be integrated into our software inventory immediately.

Software for own computers

Computer science students can access the MSDN-AA program, which provides the latest Windows versions and much more free of charge.

Development and hosting and web applications

We host and maintain over 50 websites of the department. Furthermore we develop and operate numerous web services, such as

And much more ...

Of course the above is only a small part of our portfolio. You will find further information on the respective subpages.

we - the team of the SCI - always have an open ear (Servicepoint in room 48-226 or by Email to and are always grateful for praise and criticism!

Spotlights[more News]

Restriction due to corona measures

Due to further limited presence on campus only the terminal room 48-211 is opende Mon-Thu 09:00 - 16:00 and Fri 09:00 - 13:00 The service point is regularly open.

However, you can access the systems and servers via remote connection without restrictions and reach us via email (, for example.

Das SCI stellt dem Fachbereich das Audio- (Video-) Conferencing-System Jitsi für Studierende und Mitarbeitende bereit.
Einen Account für die Plattform kann über unsere Account Plattform beantragt werden. Ein Account berechtigt Sie Meetings zu erstellen. Weitere Teilnehmer benötigen keinen Account.

Das SCI stellt den Informatik-Studierenden einen neuen Service zur Erzeugung der SCI- und der CS-Mail Accounts zur Verfügung. Ferner können darüber auch Accounts für die angebotenen Services wie beispielsweise ShareLaTeX oder GitLab erzeugt oder beantragt werden.

Den Selfservice finden Sie unter

Das SCI stellt dem Fachbereich in Zusammenarbeit mit der TUK und dem VCRP das Video-Content-System Panopto bereit.
Für MacOS/Windows kann der Panopto-Aufzeichnungsclient heruntergeladen werden.
Falls Sie Panopto nutzen/testen möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte per Mail