Service-Center Informatik


Current: Request accounts

Please use our account management platform to apply for new accounts or change passwords of existing accounts.

For the use of computers at the data centers of the TU Accounts (user accounts) required.

An account consists of

  • an indicator (e.g. "j_smith09") and
  • a (secret) password (e.g. "8d%saf7").
An account is only valid for single computers or groups of computers, called computer clusters (e.g. the training cluster at SCI)

Data centers of the university KL

There are two data centers at the TU:

SCI: Service Center Computer Science
Computing Center of the FB Informatik
RHRZ: Regional University Computing Center
Data center of the whole university

At SCI only students of computer science or listeners of courses of the FB Informatik can get an account.

At RHRZ every student at the RPTU can get an account. Initially, this is not necessary for computer science students, however, some services of RHRZ are only available via an RHRZ account. Information on how to get an RHRZ account can be found here.

Account types on SCI

There are two types of accounts in SCI:
  • B>Personal Accounts

    These are permanent computer accesses for the entire course of study.
    Only computer science students are eligible.
    The indicators have the form 1. letter of first name + "_" + surname (max. 8 characters)+ year of issue (2 digits) (e.g. "j_smith09")

    You can use the SCI account, CS mail account, as well as access to further offers of the SCI such as ShareLaTeX or GitLab via

    (Further information can be found in the Orders)

  • >B>Lecture accounts

    For certain events (e.g. internships or exercises for lectures) become valid for a limited time computer accesses are set up, which can be configured with special settings or group trains are provided. Ask your supervisor if this is the case for your event. You can also get the lecture account at our SCI office (48/226).

Usage of accounts

Accounts are valid for the login servers of a cluster.
These are at SCI:
  • Linux Server Cluster

The standard accounts issued by default allow for the login on the Linux server cluster.

Access to the login and terminal servers is exclusively via Terminals (in the terminal rooms of SCI) or from outside via the university network (thus also Remote via Internet, dormitories, VPN accesses, ...) The only exception are the multimedia PCs, where a login is possible directly on the device.

Password management

To log in under an account on a server you need the corresponding password. The password is given to the user when the account is assigned. Keep your passwords absolutely secret!

Passwords can be changed by the user. In particular, this should be done as soon as possible after the account has been set up, or if you are concerned that your password has become known to other users.

For the Linux computer cluster are valid at present the following regulations concerning the changing of a password entry:

  • The Linux server cluster has a password connection, via which password changes on one computer are immediately transferred to all other computers in the cluster.

So to change all passwords you have to change your password on one of the Linux servers. Also remember that there might be a separate password for your mail account.

If you have forgotten one of your passwords, please request a password change via our account management

Safety Instructions

In your own interest:
  • Keep your password secret and change it regularly!
  • Different passwords for different accounts
  • When entering a password always use only secure services!
    (ssh, scp, sftp, https, POP/IMAP & over SSL)
  • Protect secret keys (ssh, pgp) always with password


Further information on computer use at SCI can be found in the Orders