Service-Center Informatik

Printer Pool

Black-and-white printing

The Service Center has 5 powerful SW laser printers from the Series HP Laserjet 4350 and 4250 available.

All printers are equipped with a duplex unit for double-sided printing. The printers are accessed via the following queue names:

Queue (A4 one-sided) scibw
Queue (A4 double-sided): scibwd
Location: 48/226 (SCI-Servicepoint)

The laser printers are located (not publicly accessible) in the SCI. The finished printouts are regularly laid out on the tables in the corridor in front of room 48/226. In case of printing problems, the SCI can be contacted immediately - the SCI door usually stands up. Please pick up finished prints quickly to avoid theft and mess.

When printing from the Windows systems, the following are possible one- or two-sided printout to the correct settings in the print dialog (Setting to "long pages").

In addition, the SCI provides printers for self-service in some terminal rooms. However, use is only permitted if certain rules are observed.

Color printing

The SCI has three color printers available:

TypePrinting methodmax. paper sizeDevice description
2 HP color Laserjet 5550Color laserA3as PDF
HP Designjet 130 nrInkjetA1as PDF

Due to the high costs, printing on these devices is only possible after personal consultation. Please put the file to be printed as PDF or PS file in your home directory. The print job will only be executed by SCI after prior verification.

Unfortunately, you can only achieve the highest quality if you create a PS or HPPCL file with the dedicated printer drivers provided by the manufacturer or Microsoft for Windows. To do this, specify "File" or "File" as the print destination and thus create the file to be printed. If necessary, ask the SCI.

Printing costs are based on ink consumption or color intensity of the pages to be printed and are debited from the printing-dot account.

Foil printing

In the SCI, color or B/W foils can also be printed after consultation.

The procedure is analogous to the color printing described above.