Service-Center Informatik

Jitsi Audio- (Video-) Conferencing-Server des SCI

The SCI provides the department with the audio (video) conferencing system Jitsi for students and employees ready.
An account for the platform can be created via our account platform


  • We recommend to use a Chrome based browser for optimal use of the Jitsi Server and to dispense with sharing a video stream as far as possible, i.e. to hold only a audio conference.
  • We do not recommend the use of the browsers Safari and Firefox, since there may be restrictions at present.
  • We recommend a wired network connection for best possible use (no WLAN or mobile phone).
  • A VPN should be avoided.
  • To avoid echo and feedback you should use a headset or headphones or switch off your microphone.
  • The meeting participants do not need no own account to participate in a meeting.
  • Additionally, you should secure your meeting room with a strong password to exclude unwanted participants.

If you have questions or problems with the platform, please contact us by mail (